A Snowy Day in Raleigh (and btw we moved)

It rarely snows in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s “the south” after all. When we moved here last October from the Pacific Northwest, we received a variety of winter tales from North Carolina locals and transplants. It gets cold. But not too cold. Highs in the 50s. Highs in the 40s. It can freeze at night. 60s sometimes. Rarely snow. No snow. Rains a bit. Honestly, I was just glad to not have to suffer another rainy winter in the Pacific Northwest.*

Our Raleigh winter started off really warm and stayed that way. It was really nice. We saw many 70-degree days in December, and I started to think that sitting on our front porch would be a year-round, daily activity. Winter finally showed up in Raleigh earlier this month, and I grudgingly went into the shed to get my bin of winter outdoor layers. Then, we had a winter storm watch, which materialized into freezing rain. This past weekend, we had another winter storm watch, which materialized into snow.

I love warm weather, but I also love snow. I took many photos of our house and the snow like it had been my first time experiencing snow (I am from Ontario, Canada). Here’s a little snowy slide show of our cute new-to-us house and property! It’s close to downtown Raleigh. It was built in the late 1800s and was in the previous owner’s family since 1907. We love it.

I was surprised we got this much snow! It covered the grass, so I give it 3.5 stars. I went outside post-coffee to take some morning snow shots and made sure my birds had plenty of seed. After stuffing my face with blueberry pancakes, I spent my morning taking photos of the birds stuffing their faces with seed.

Northern Cardinal (female)
White-throated Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle subspecies)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle subspecies)
Dark-eyed Borb, I mean Junco (slate-colored)
Northern Cardinal (male)
House Finch
White-throated Sparrow
Northern Mockingbird
Dark-eyed Junco (slate-colored)
Eastern Towhee
I went for a neighbourhood walk and found a Black-and-white Warbler a few blocks from our house! This was a fun surprise. I had no idea their winter range extended up into Raleigh. I expected to trigger a rare bird alert on eBird.
Black-and-white Warbler, creeping up and down the trunk of a magnolia tree.
Black-and-white Warbler. Never thought I’d ever see one of these birds alongside SNOW.
Brown Thrasher, also down the street.

And perhaps yes, sitting on our front porch can be a year-round, daily activity, as long as I’m dressed for it. I mean there’s no such thing as “bad” weather right? Just “bad” clothing.

Glass of wine not shown.

* I do miss the PNW though. I loved living there. I miss my friends and neighbours; the giant doug-firs; topography; and the Varied Thrushes, Bushtits, and American Dippers.