October 28, 2018

Oregon gets snow buntings, but they are not common and I think always trigger a rare bird alert. In fact, right now (November 29), there’s a whole pile of snow buntings on the on Del Rey Beach, Clatsop County. I’m not there right now chasing them because a) it’s dark out, and b) I got a snow bunting on October 28, 2018, on Marys Peak in Benton County!

Admittedly, I would love to have chased this pile of buntings today. My time and energy though, at least until December 31, must be reserved to finish this big year strong.

My snow bunting on Marys Peak on October 28  stuck around for a few days, allowing me to get up there with my friend Lindsey on the weekend. The bunting was just hanging out there on the gravel road next to the weather station. The wing flicks were spectacular. My photos are not unfortunately. The lighting was low and fog was around us.


After a quick trip to the Philomath Sewage Ponds to stalk the seeded sparrow area (hoping for a white-throated sparrow), we called it a day and headed back to our meeting spot in Corvallis. BUT FIRST …. turkeys in a field of the side of the road! Bird 250. Please don’t ask me why it’s take me so long to see wild turkeys. Just don’t.

New Birds for 2018: 2
2018 Year-to-Date Talley: 250